When companies and event venues hire a dedicated security company, there is a laundry list of services they expect, including…

  • entrance and exit screening
  • personal and property security
  • emergency rescue and emergency management services
  • security patrols
  • event security services
  • system monitoring

And they aren’t looking for a “one-size fits all” approach. They want security services tailored to their unique business needs.

3 Ways to Improve Your Security Services and Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Seeing as the majority of your competitors undoubtedly offer most, if not all of these services, the most pressing question you need to answer is: What are you doing to improve and make sure your security guard services are keeping pace in a competitive industry?

Here are three can’t fail suggestions:

1. Maintain Top of Mind Security Offerings by Focusing on Delivery and Quality of Services Provided

A big mistake many security companies make is trying to be all things to all customers. Casting such a wide net not only makes it hard to stand out, but you may find that you’re not focusing attention on your core security strengths.

It’s important to maintain top of mind security offerings to ensure longevity with your current and future clients. To do this, we recommend the following actions…

  • Ensure your security services meet the needs of your clients

Confirming there’s a perfect match between the services you offer and the needs of your clients sounds like an obvious exercise, but it’s worth a closer inspection.

To ensure that you are offering the right services to meet client needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What industry are your current clients part of?
  • Which physical security pain points are they trying to alleviate?
  • What level of security expertise does your current team have?
  • Do you have the capacity to expand your services?

The answers to these questions will help you discover your niche services and provide the specialized client support that will make you stand out.

  • Enhance services with improved processes and techniques.

The combining of new technologies with traditional security guard techniques is offering security companies the opportunity to provide enhanced security services. An example of this is remote guarding services, which combines tools like motion alarms and security cameras with random site patrols to provide a dual, and highly effective level of security.

By continuing to implement enhanced practices, like remote guarding, security companies can improve their processes and techniques. This leads to a more impactful experience and successful partnership for clients.

  • Provide incident management and proactive response.

Another area that is getting more attention is Incident Management & Response. In the past, many security companies would run into the problem of being too reactive to incidents and risks instead taking a proactive approach. Utilizing incident management software will keep you ahead of the game and in front of potentially dangerous situations.

2. Build a high-quality team of security guards

In an industry that experiences a high percentage of turnover – between 100% – 300% percent, according to the Service Employees International Union – building and retaining a high-quality team of security guards is imperative to success. To achieve this, we recommend the following…

  • Set high standards for your security team and ensure each guard you hire has the qualifications to meet those standards.
  • Invest in additional training to continue to develop your team’s security skills. This is key in building a strong security guard staff and utilizing client feedback is a great way to determine what type of training will benefit your guards and your firm.
  • Engage and motivate your security team to ensure that you retain them. This can be achieved by providing competitive pay and implementing incentive programs.
  • Perform surprise inspections. This gives you the opportunity to provide immediate feedback to resolve issues and/or recognize your guards' achievements.

3. Implement Security Guard Management Software to Take Your Services to the Next Level

While it may have taken the physical security service sector a bit longer, the digital transformation in this space is now in full swing. And the good news is the security guard management software available today makes linking the physical and digital security realms easier than ever before.

All this new security tech is strengthening overall security measures and also allowing the visitor experience to be better prioritized. But it’s important that you choose the security software that is right for your firm.

The security guard management software that you choose should allow you to resolve any internal challenges while giving your team the ability to ensure sustained safety and mitigate risks.

The most effective systems will have the modules and features needed to:

  • Manage risk associated with security guard staffing gaps
  • Manage the guards you have more effectively and efficiently
  • Increase workforce accountability
  • Mitigate risk and liability
  • Implement proactive security procedures
  • Simplify guard tour management
  • Enhance guard communication and transparency
  • Provide comprehensive data analytics and reporting
  • Deploy targeted guard training to mitigate turnover
  • Increase security guard engagement and retention

At CSA360 Software, we take your security service needs seriously. Our all-in-one security guard management software gives you the tools you need to manage your security services in one place.