The security industry has historically been an understaffed industry. A need for security guards has been in high demand as of 2020. Guard companies have been struggling to meet the guard demands of their clients. Today we are going to talk about 4 ways you can improve your staffing gaps.

The Art of Incentives

People are competitive by nature, nothing like a friendly competition to motivate your team. Using the art of incentives can be one of the best-kept secret methods to encourage your team. One way to prevent staffing gaps is by keeping your team motivated. While yes you do pay but showing you appreciate them can make them feel like they are wanted.

3 ways to incentivize your team

  • create a friendly competition- give rewards to the guard that is on time the most throughout the month
  • give meaningful gifts- employee churn over can be caused by the employee not feeling fully appreciated. By buying them a gift randomly to appreciate their hard work like tickets to their favorite game can make them feel like all their hard work was worth it
  • Employee of the month- This is one of the most under appricaited method of motivating your staff. By recognizing someones hard work that they have done can make them feel like it was worth it


Having transparency within your staff is easier said than done. From knowing the availability of your staff to how they are performing can be difficult. It is a definite must. While having fun positive incentives is great. It has been proven that people perform better when they know they are being watched.

Reward the employees who are always on time by giving them better shifts or their preferred shift.

while you can keep track of this with a spreadsheet that can be a bit tedious I recommend you read into security software that can automate this process

work culture

No one likes to work in a boring or toxic work environment. While it is not always possible to have a positive work culture making the best of each situation can really help keep the moods of your guards positive. Here are some quick tips on how you can effectively create a positive work environment

  • set clear expectations and
  • Measure goals and when they are met give a reward
  • Focus on employee engagement

Scheduling Software

It is nearly impossible to know everyone on your staff’s schedule. You’re only human after all. One thing I highly recommend is investing in guard scheduling software. It can allow your employees to input their availabilities. As well Scheduling software can offer you insights that will help you keep track of who is on time and who is making all the guard tour checkpoints. This can help increase employee transparency.

CSA360 HR Commander

CSA360 HR commander was built by a security professional. To fit the needs of any physical security guard company. From scheduling your employees and see as your scheduling what days they are available and what are their skills. CSA360 HR commander is the ONLY software that can allow you to track your employees and rank how they are performing.