No matter the situation, security teams need to be quick on their feet. Taking a proactive approach to security processes and procedures can provide that extra boost your security guards need to be successful. 

Being proactive has several benefits. It is an important way for security teams to anticipate issues, reduce wasted time, and mitigate security risks. Customers expect the best from their security teams, and there is no time to waste in getting up to speed. So how can your security team get more proactive as quickly as possible? 

Security guard management software can help security teams become faster, more efficient, and more agile without needing to add extra guards. This is a major benefit, as one of the biggest pain points facing security teams are staffing gaps

5 Best Practices to Implement Proactive Security Procedures for your Guards

Understanding proactive security best practices can help elevate your security team capabilities like never before. And these best practices don’t need to be complicated. Digital tools, like those in security guard management software, do all the hard work for you. If you are looking for ways to help your security team be more proactive, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Manage Security Guard Schedules in Advance

Security workforce management software has a few different tools for managing security guard scheduling. Guard scheduling software allows guards to input their availability directly into the software, taking the guesswork out of scheduling. While remote check-in enhances proactive risk-mitigation even further. This tool  allows you to see where each guard is located in the facility, highlighting high-risk and low-staffed areas quickly.

Another guard scheduling benefit is through the software’s security workforce management tools. This feature has several benefits, including the significant reduction of overtime through highly-organized scheduling tools. This feature allows managers to anticipate any issues or needs by providing a birds-eye view of the upcoming schedule, allowing instant visibility of open shifts and other schedule changes. 

2. Duplicate Effective Guard Tours 

Guard tour management software expedites tours and saves considerable time for security teams. When coupled with live dashboards and GPS tracking, you can easily manage tours and allow security guards to see high-risk areas. 

This security guard management software feature makes it easy for guards to template and customize their tours for each venue or event, making staffing a breeze. Say goodbye to reinventing the wheel with each turn, and say hello to a modern way to streamline guard tours. 

3. Prioritize Efficient Security Incident Management

Security teams have traditionally been more reactive when it comes to security responses. This happened for a number of reasons, one of which was the lack of digital tools to help them to create and manage security incident reports. 

But security guard management software helps you evolve your incident reporting processes, making security teams much more proactive. Utilizing a security management system considerably lowers risks and helps teams anticipate dangerous situations. Customizable communication tools can automatically connect to dispatch during incidents, while digital reporting eliminates the need for tangible reports. 

4. Modernize Your Visitor Management Processes

In the past, security guards had to be present to check in and manage visitors in residential communities and resorts. But security guard management software doubles the efforts of your security team without needing to add more guards to your staff. 

Visitor management’s smart check-features and handy kiosk reduce the number of security guards needed on the property. But this feature’s pre-registration capabilities and live dashboards are proactive game changers. Both tools give security guards advanced notice if any issues arise on the property, significantly streamlining response processes. 

5. Embrace Automation

All of these steps involve automation on some level. And that’s exactly why security guard management software is so valuable for your team. Automation streamlines everything from administrative tasks, to guard scheduling, to security incident reporting. This in turn makes your team more agile and nimble no matter the situation. By embracing automation, you are setting your security team up to be more proactive and more successful in the future. 

Now is the time to give your security team the modern edge they need to do their best work. Digital tools can help. Our security guard management software can help your security team be more proactive in your processes, procedures, and training. Learn more about the benefits of this all-in-one security software by signing up for a demo with CSA360 today.