Strengthening your visitor management process is an important way to prevent incidents and deepen confidence with your clients and their guests. The more air-tight your methods, the better. 

Visitor management software provides several innovative ways to fortify your visitor management procedures without adding extra guards to the team. One of these ways is through a digital pass system. 

How to Improve Your Visitor Management Process with a Pass System

Implementing visitor management software that features a digital pass system allows security teams to check-in visitors quickly and accurately, saving considerable time and money.  A pass system can expedite visitor management procedures like never before. These implemented steps are a breath of fresh air for security teams of all sizes. 

Ready to explore how a pass system can upgrade your security guard processes? 

1. You can manage all passes on the same platform.

For many residential communities and resorts, tangible passes from third-party vendors are distributed. This time-consuming process can require several security guards. Thanks to innovative tools available through visitor management software individual passes can be digitally purchased and distributed from one platform. This allows you to streamline your visitor management process, keeping visitors and security guards on the same page.

2. A pass system can be integrated with existing accounts and systems. 

Forget having to work on multiple platforms to manage your passes. Accessible directly from your visitor management software, a comprehensive pass system can then be easily integrated within existing accounts and any additional platforms needed for payment, processing, etc.

3. Expedite your check-in process

As previously mentioned, having passes in the same platform…Many residential communities and resorts are still using on-site cash payments for passes. This not only leads to long lines but also requires additional security guards to manage visitors. But a pass system that enables pre-purchasing alleviates these challenges. 

Once they arrive at the property, a QR code is scanned upon arrival, eliminating the need for a security guard to manually collect passes. Security guards can also provide passes directly from their approved mobile devices. 

4. Contact-free RFID integrations to Access Control. 

One unique benefit of a pass system is the availability of radio-frequency identification (RFID).  RFID transfers data without contact. This is an easy way to check in visitors and expedite visitor management without requiring an on-site security guard. 

5. Improved reporting. 

Security teams need to gather as much information as possible while checking in visitors. A digital pass system automatically collects this information, including all activity, who is buying passes, and who is scanning or printing passes. But a pass system’s truly unique reporting capabilities happen at the end of a guard’s shift.

Once a security guard has completed their shift, they need to know how many passes have been printed and how much money should be in the system. Each pass has a unique code that automatically pulls how many passes have been pulled, who authorized each pass, and who printed the passes. All this information is nicely packaged into a reconciliation report. These reports are phenomenally helpful for both efficiency and accounting purposes. 

Strengthen your security team with a customizable security guard management software system

A pass system is just one way a security guard management system can streamline your visitor management processes. Convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable, a customizable security system will change the way your team approaches challenges in their daily work. Learn more about the benefits of a pass system and other unique tools by requesting a demo of CSA360’s software today.