At CSA360 Software, client success is our priority. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to help your transition to a complete all-in-one software platform. Here are seven features we offer to new and existing clients:

1.) RFID Card & License Plate Readers

CSA360 Software can provide the hardware needed to set up your facility's RFID card readers and license plate readers. 

VM PASS Tablet 3-1

Improve security documentation by tracking employees, vendors, and VIPs. Place readers at entrances, exits, and gates. These items connect well with our timekeeping, and scheduling modules for a full 360 view.

2.) Credit Card & ID Scanners

Use scanners on handheld, mobile devices or tablets to scan credit cards and ID scanners. 

VM PASS Tablet 2-1-min-1
3.) Kiosks

Make check-in a breeze with our kiosks. Customize them to your specific needs, alleviating your team from the hassle.

4.) Mobile Device Management

Lock access to single or multiple apps and secure browsing on kiosks and remotely manage all of your devices.

5.) Visitor & Vendor Pass Printing

Keep track of visitors to your facility and manage pass distribution and sales. VM PASS Tablet 3-5Contact our client services team to let them find the best printer for your unique business needs.

6.) API Integration

HR software, payroll software, accounting software, ERP software, and more. Includes Quickbooks, Bamboo, Gusto, and your current services.

7.) Legacy Data Migration

Bring your old data with you and integrate it into our software seamlessly. Let us handle the overwhelming of moving your information to a new system.

Let CSA360 Software offer our special services to guide you into a new and efficient platform. Contact us today.