You’re looking into physical security guard management software. There are tons of different options and it can be overwhelming. You want to find the best software that fits your security team’s needs and can work seamlessly to enhance your services. Here are 4 things to consider when picking a security management software system that works for you.

1. Security guard management software is super helpful; they keep everything in one place from tour confirmation to incident reports. The first thing to look for in security software is what modules do they offer and what do you want in security software. Most software offers an array of features such as CSA360 offers GPS verified tour confirmation.

 2. While security management software is really helpful, another thing to consider is the budget. While some charge per module and others charge per user it is important to consider what you’re willing to pay such as, do you have a big security team? Then maybe paying by the module is a more cost-efficient idea.

3. It can be a pain to implement new software into the workplace. You have to add all your data figures, out how to use it, make sure your team is all set up on the app, and etc. Don’t waste your time pulling teeth looking for software that has an onboarding specialist. Let the onboarding specialist teach your team how to use the app and move all your data for you. So all you have to do is just use the software

4. Customization is very important, as not every security software is going to fit your security team’s needs. You will often be thinking to yourself I wish this feature had something that fit your security team’s needs. Finding security guard management software that is willing to work with you to improve your experience with the software is super important. 

With this guide, we hope it helps to find security guard management software that fits your needs. CSA360 Is a highly customizable security software with tons of features that will definitely fit your security team’s needs. From a live customizable dashboard to HR commander CSA360 is made by and for security officers. Want to learn more about how CSA360 fits your team schedule a demo today!