Dream Big. At CSA360 Software, our vision is to create the best software possible.  When designing our interface, we think globally by asking if all users would benefit. We’re committed to creating a roadmap that is always improving. 

Maintaining your Mission, Vision and Values may seem like a daunting task, however, setting a clear vision for your security company can help you attract and retain talent, keep your leadership focused, and help you scale strategically.

Leadership expert Simon Sinek often talks about knowing ‘the why’ of our business. He defines it as “The compelling higher purpose that inspires us and acts as the source of all we do”.

At CSA360 Software, our ‘why’ stems from the belief in our product as well as our steadfast commitment to our clients to help them reach their business goals without breaking the bank. 

Growth acceleration is a byproduct of clear core values. In the last twelve months, our company has strategically expanded. First, there was a clearly-defined initiative to create a better user experience. New developers and talented UX designers were added to the team, executing useful updates to our current modules. 


Consistently improving our modules delights our current and future clients.  Our workforce management module,  HR Commander, has new views, filters, and scheduling features, and can easily integrate with different payroll software. Our Text Commander module has experienced a complete overhaul, making it easy to send notifications to staff, guests, or segments of groups that could benefit from real-time information.


Our Dispatch Module can show all stages from ‘reported’ to ‘in progress’ to  ‘all clear’ in real-time.   Use a special form in the field? Get up to five custom forms specifically designed for your business.  


Gather and measure analytics with Custom Summary Reporting, written to your exact requirements. In addition, with modules such as Tour ConfirmationCommunications Log, and Push Notifications, your security staff is fully accountable. 


Our Binder Module is a digital manual to store EOPs, EAPs, and SOPs at the touch of a button. This feature is great for events with large staff and volunteers.


Other modules such as Lost & Found match the item to the owner with minimal time and effort.


CSA360 Software offers nineteen complete modules. Clients can learn from our experienced sales staff to receive a perfectly curated order of only what they need. Clients can request any combination of one to all nineteen pieces. The software is available on a monthly, annual, or three-year subscription. 


CSA360 Software has four core values. First is the Business Mullet: we’ve got productivity with personality! We bring authenticity to our workplace.  Second is the White Glove Partnership: client success is our focus. We strive to give our clients the best service possible through Quarterly Business Reviews, NPS scoring, trainer surveys, and monthly check-ins. The third is Street Cred: this software was built by security professionals for security professionals. Our CEO, Tony Unfried, started this business with over 20 years of security experience in the field. Finally, we care about Proactive Innovation: using our resources to remain leaders in the industry.  


Our team’s mission is to create the best security software in the industry. We understand the need to work proactively instead of reactively.  It has served us well with a leadership team looking laser-focused in the same direction and at the same goals. 


How do your Core Values align the Big Picture with your Day-to-Day?