Congratulations. You found the perfect software platform to manage your operations. The time spent reviewing costs, features and benefits led to a solution everyone can get behind. What comes next? 


A personalized and professional implementation process is a key indicator of future client success. Make sure you clearly understand the onboarding process ahead of time to get the full picture.


Client Success at CSA360 Software is hands-on. We offer personalized onboarding to walk your team through detailed training step-by-step. Change can be difficult and we’re here to help. With these tips, your next onboarding can be just as successful. 


First,  identify your champions. Who is taking ownership of your team’s onboarding? The individual signing the contract is often not the same person managing the team training. Having one person or a small team identified as champions of the new project will create ownership and follow through. These are the people that can give updates to the decision makers and keep everyone on track. 


Second, connect with your Implementation Specialist. CSA360 offers personal, hands-on onboarding. Having a live person to train online or in-person can make all the difference when it comes to understanding the requirements unique to your business.  


Third, a White Glove service outshines the rest. Having names, faces, emails and phone numbers to call with follow up questions will validate your choice in a software company. A dedicated person on the client success team is often only reserved for the highest-paying enterprise clients. You may be surprised that CSA360 Software offers this service as an added value to clients.


CSA360 doesn’t just send a series of videos or online manuals. We have a real, dedicated staff to each team onboarding our software. It’s that important. 


Fourth, understand service ticket response times. At CSA360, we responded to tickets submitted within one hour. If a client requests customizations or specialized services, our team can commit to sending results within weeks instead of months. 

CSA360 has a written client commitment and sends survey communications after each training session. We want to see you succeed early and often.

Is your software company invested in your long-term business goals?