Security teams work hard to provide excellent service. But as security requirements and expectations evolve, so must the tools utilized by security teams. If you are looking to upgrade your security management software, the timing is perfect. The new year brings with it new developments in the industry and new security services to explore. It is an ideal time for security companies to expand their capabilities. 

Top 4 Security Management Software Features

Ready to upgrade your software system for the new year? Here are the top four security software features, and their benefits, that security companies should look for in their security management software in 2022: 

1. Enhanced Guard Tour Management. Ideally, every tour would have a security guard in tow. But sometimes, whether due to staffing issues or scheduling conflicts, this isn’t possible. Guard tour management software makes scheduling conflicts a thing of the past.

The  most significant benefit of guard tour monitoring is that it gives security teams the ability to have eyes on the ground at all times. Live security dashboards and GPS capabilities track tours from check-in to check-out. This offers full transparency of staffing and processes to clients, and the visibility to adjust schedules and tours according to available guards.  

2. User-friendly Security Workforce Management. This feature is a timesaver for busy security managers. Security workforce management tools reduce overtime by managing guard scheduling, tasks, and time-off requests in one easy security dashboard. This feature also allows managers to have a birds-eye view of the upcoming schedule, allowing instant visibility of open shifts, no-shows, and call offs. 

The amount of time saved is an incredible benefit all on its own. For even more efficiency, look for a guard management system that allows teams to clock in and out on their mobile devices. 

3. Amplified Visitor Management Tracking. Staffing issues are a challenge for many security teams. Oftentimes, teams find themselves short-handed and stretched thin. But security guard management software helps bridge those staffing gaps by turning a few guards into many. One way it can do this is through visitor management. 

Pre-registration, live security dashboards, and instant notifications improve safety processes and make visitor management easy and efficient. This efficiency is enhanced further with the use of Kiosks for visitor check-in, eliminating the need for physical guard presence. This feature is a simple yet high-tech way to improve processes, no matter the size of your security team or venue. 

4. Lightning-fast Digital Reporting. Real-time incident and daily activity reporting are crucial features of security guard management software. The benefits are two-fold. Digital reports and dashboards help security teams quickly react to, resolve, and report incidents by eliminating paper reports and allowing teams to develop proactive strategies quickly. 

The efficiency of these reports helps security teams develop sustainable long-term processes that identify risks, weaknesses, and issues. Because these reports are digital, data is shared with clients quickly and easily and transparently, opening up the lines of communication and keeping transparency at the core of client relationships. All of this works together to improve response times and streamline resource management. 

Security teams work hard to do their jobs well. But they can’t do it alone. Incorporating the right security guard management software system for your team is crucial to their continued success. 

Security guard management software offers a range of features that incorporate the latest and greatest advancements in the industry. These features are designed to give your security team incredible advantages in the field. No matter the size of the venue or the capabilities of your team, security management software empowers security teams to constantly improve processes and services. 

It’s the perfect time to invest in new software and expand your capabilities. And CSA360’s security guard management software system has the tools you need to take your security team to the next level. Continue the new year on the right note and request a demo today.