There are an estimated 10,000 to1 4,000 security companies in the USA. Making your security company stand out can be difficult. Understanding how to effectively advertise on social media and using SEO it can get frustrating. We have a little secret for you. One super effective strategy is networking through social media. 

While people mainly use social media as a platform for personal use you can use it to your advantage. By joining security groups on LinkedIn and Facebook you can share content with like-minded people and make valuable connections within the security industry. Today we will learn how to use social media to your advantage 

Join security groups 

Joining an industry-related group will bring you to a lot of people within the security industry

For free. All you gotta do is interact within the group which seems tricky at the start but once you figure out what to post it becomes a quick and easy task. Here are some quick tips to becoming more active.

  • Share industry-related articles
  • Ask questions- One way to get a discussion going is to ask a question. It can be as simple as asking how many years they have been in the Security industry.
  • Share your experience- If you see someone who may be a new security guard feel free to offer tips 
  • Reply to people’s post Replying to people’s post helps get you seen by more and opens the door for networking
  • Post daily 


On LinkedIn, all it takes is a quick search to find a bunch of people in the security industry. Since LinkedIn is a more professional platform than Facebook when you connect with someone they already are the mindset of networking making them a bit more approachable than on Facebook.

Here are a couple of ways you can interact with people effectively on LinkedIn 

  • Comment on their posts
  • Share posts from your LinkedIn connections
  • Share your insights by posting daily
  • Ask questions to your network 

Whether it is posting on LinkedIn or sharing content to groups, use social media to your advantage. All it takes is a post.  Want to start networking right now?  Join our Facebook group the Security Sideline