Phygital… You read that right phygital.  This has been around for years, but 2020 has made it much more obvious and brought us even new necessities. Phygital is the blending of the best parts of digital and physical experiences to create the best customer experience. People are starting to prefer this type of experience over traditional in-person experiences. An example of a phygital experience is mobile ordering. The customer orders food with their phone and only has to interact with an employee when picking up the food. This creates a seamless customer interaction by allowing customers to order without the stress or rush of a long line behind them.

Phygital doesn’t just affect your guests, it can also affect your team. How can you use Phygital experiences to your advantage? Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. While some workplaces see them as a curse, you can use them to your advantage. Security software has become a very useful tool for making your team more accountable and prepared for anything. Using push notifications you can send live notifications to alert your team of a threat or issue at specific facilities or to even notify them of an open shift. This can help streamline communication in your facilities and save you time and money with the new efficiencies.

As 2020 brought lots of change it brought a new wave of integrating technology into the security industry. Many security teams have implemented thermal screening stations and ways to have contactless visitor check-in stations. This helps creates a super quick check-in process and allows visitors and security officers to interact at a safe distance.  Security software such as CSA360 gives you the ability to manage your security team and clients in one place. With the HR commander, you can schedule your employees and use GPS to clock in through mobile devices. Visitor management allows Machine learning and facial recognition to allow for more efficient visitor registration and access approval. This helps create a quick phygital experience.

The world is changing faster than ever and it’s time to start thinking of ways YOU can implement these phygital experiences. With phygital services, you can create more efficient experiences for everyone. By looking into new technologies such as security software it can help create the ideal experience for everyone.

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