Security managers have enough on their plates without needing to worry about the accountability of their guards. Yet this continues to be a major pain point for security teams. Lack of accountability not only creates internal divides between security guards, but it also erodes trust with clients who have invested significant resources in their security services. 

Security guard accountability should be an important priority for every security team. But how can security guards quickly and efficiently prioritize accountability in their hectic day-to-day processes?

4 ways security guard management software can improve accountability for your security team

Security guard management software offers innovative ways to hold security teams accountable for tours, reporting, and processes. The features in this software solve many of the challenges plaguing these teams without requiring additional staff. 

1. Efficient guard training and onboarding

The turnover rate for the security industry is incredibly high, hovering around 100-300%. But proper training, and ensuring all administrative and processes are solid from the start, can help lower turnover rates and improve morale. This can help to set your security team up for success. A security management system can do all this work for you. 

From streamlining tasks, to digital guard scheduling, to real-time reporting, security management software makes it easy for security teams to onboard and train new guards. When your staff understands what is expected of them, and what tools they have to monitor and track their work, it makes the entire security team more efficient and more accountable. 


2. Improved guard scheduling

Traditional guard scheduling tools have long been an issue for security teams. The inability to anticipate and track patrols can be quite damaging to accountability goals. But security workforce management tools make setting schedules and managing hours a breeze. 

Along with improving accountability of security patrols and teams, these tools also enhance proactivity. Security managers can see availability, time-off requests, and potential overtime issues in one easy-to-use dashboard, reducing scheduling errors and potential stress. 


3. Real-time, digital incident reporting

Digital reports track every reaction and response to an adverse security event. They also pinpoint which security guards are following reporting protocols, and who is producing inaccurate reports. By highlighting gaps and inaccuracies, digital reporting tools also double as accountability training guides for current and future security guards. This high level of accountability will both improve the efficiency of your security team and bolster client satisfaction.

4. GPS guard tour confirmation capabilities

Tracking various guards on a security patrol can be overwhelming. How can you make sure all your security guards are where they need to be? A security guard management system not only enables you to track schedules, reports, and time-cards, but it also tracks your security guards while on duty. GPS tour confirmation allows security teams to see where each guard is on their patrol, holding these guards accountable for their posts. 

The Bottom Line for Security Guard Accountability

Improving accountability has many benefits for security teams. Utilizing a guard management system helps security teams become more efficient and more accountable quickly, all while demonstrating their value to clients. Thanks to the innovative advantages provided by security management software, security teams can bid farewell to accountability issues for good. Learn more about the benefits of security operations software by signing up for a demo today.