Security guard management software offers no shortage of tools to enhance security team services. But determining which features are right for your team requires research. It’s important for you to determine not only which features are the most important, but which ones will give your team an advantage in their work. 

Of all the features available, a live security dashboard provides the most comprehensive overview of your team’s actions and procedures. Utilizing a live security dashboard is a great way to enhance your security team’s processes. 

What is a security dashboard?

A security dashboard is the central communication hub of a security guard management software system. This feature makes tracking and monitoring your security team’s activities fast and easy. It also provides one easy-to-navigate area for all your information to live, including all features, widgets, and activity. Dashboard widgets provide quick access to the following information: 

  • Facility or venue maps
  • Scheduled tours
  • Communication logs
  • Instant access to dispatch
  • Personnel schedules and locations

Why does your security team need a security dashboard?

Staying organized is crucial for security teams to work their best. As any guard knows, security situations can change in an instant. Teams need to know exactly what is happening at all times, no matter the circumstance. 

Security guard management software provides this instant access to the important information your team needs to mitigate risk and develop proactive responses. Security managers can anticipate issues, pinpoint high-risk areas, and redirect personnel all in one dashboard. Live dashboards are an efficient, effective way for security guards to manage their teams and stay ahead of any problems. 

Here are 5 more benefits of utilizing a live dashboard to enhance your security services. 

  • Provide Constant Surveillance

No matter the size of your security team, it can be difficult to staff an entire venue, event, or guard tour. A watered-down team can pose serious security risks, risks that both security teams and clients can’t afford to take. Plus, things can change in an instant. 

Security guard management software that features a live dashboard offers an extra layer of surveillance and risk-management for busy teams. Security dashboards provide a 360-degree view of any space at all times, even if physical guards are not present. This increases safety and boosts client confidence.  

  • Access Easy-to-Use, Customizable Security Widgets

The right live dashboard will allow you to customize your view to fit your security team’s unique needs. These customization tools are called widgets. Widgets are shortcuts to certain pieces of information, like personnel locations or immediate dispatch access. 

Each security dashboard gives you all the details you need right at your fingertips. And you can personalize your dashboard with almost any shortcut. You can even add weather and local news widgets.

  • Enable Real-Time Incident Tracking and Reporting

Increased surveillance means faster response times. With a security dashboard, teams can eradicate risks and issues in a fraction of the time. Dashboards provide real-time reporting that not only allow guards to get where they need to be as soon as possible, but also gives clients a first-hand account of what happened. Recording and evaluating these responses serve as excellent training tools for future guards and give you the opportunity to develop proactive processes. 

  • Utilize Fast, Accessible Communication Tools. 

Forget taking messages on pieces of paper, or scrambling through tangible files. Security dashboards make communication between teams effortless. 

Communication Logs allow guards to text each other, while tools like TxtCommander funnel external communication between guards and guests. Dashboards store, manage, and organize all communication so you don’t have to. 

  • Employ Modernized Visitor and Guard Tour Management.  

Thanks to digital tools and live secuity dashboards, security guards can manage visitors and tours without needing additional guards on the ground. Guests can pre-register before visiting the property, while facial recognition helps speed up the check-in process. Digital reports of visitors and tours can be sent directly to your dashboard, eliminating clunky paper documents and saving valuable time. 

Dashboards also provide a broad view of schedules, checkpoints, and making complicated guard tour management simple. Live feeds add an extra element of security to all tours, no matter their location.  


Security management software is an effective, efficient way for security teams to enhance their services. And these software system’s live dashboards will take your team to another level. Live dashboards also free up administrative time, allowing security managers to get away from tedious tasks and back to their teams. The benefits are numerous. What are you waiting for? Learn how security guard management software can improve your security services by requesting a demo with CSA360 today.