Resolving security incidents requires more than a talented team of guards. It also requires speed. A speedy response can mean the difference between incident resolution and unhappy guests/clients. To achieve this, security teams need one central hub where they can easily and quickly communicate with one another, with clients, and with dispatch. 

In a security guard management software system, this point of contact is called a live dashboard. These live dashboards come equipped with several tools that streamline everything from internal communications to visitor management. Dispatch software is one of these tools, and is considered one of the most important for expediting incident resolution. 

What is dispatch software? 

Security guard dispatch software is one of the many tools available in a comprehensive security guard management software system. In this system, dispatch is an easily-added customizable dashboard tool that links security teams to backup and outside assistance seamlessly. 

Dispatch software also allows security guards to quickly dispatch other guards to various locations, while simultaneously recording incident details, creating a digital communication trail, and connecting guards with backup.  

How is dispatch software different ?

Traditional dispatch methods are anything but innovative. Especially for short-staffed security teams. Dispatch software is a cost-effective, user-friendly way to resolve incidents, prevent damage to property, manage your security team, and exceed client expectations. Dispatch software improves the following processes and procedures: 

  • Streamline communication between security teams
  • Speed up incident response and resolution
  • Replace paper reports and other tangible materials
  • Prioritize incidents and track follow-up procedures 
  • Gather and measure  all incident-related data

Ready to take an even deeper dive into the benefits of dispatch software? 

Here Are 5 Ways Dispatch Software Can Improve Your Security Processes: 


  1. Provide valuable security team insight through analytics

Dispatch software allows your security team to resolve incidents quickly. But it is also an invaluable training tool.   

'In Progress', 'Complete', and 'Time Cleared' have recently been added to the dispatch archive view. When the dispatch is complete, the software will automatically total the time between “Report” to “All Clear,” offering valuable team analytics. You can use this information to analyze how quickly your security team responded, and what steps they took to resolve the issue. 

2. Boost security team efficiency with color codes

Dispatch software elevates your security team capabilities in many ways. But chief amongst these is speed. 

Color coded tools within dispatch software allow your security team to move extraordinarily quickly, even while an issue is happening. This is because color coded tools visually communicate much faster than longer reports. Some of the ways color codes can help your security team include: 

  • Highlighting important alerts right in the dashboard.
  • Security teams can see the tickets that need the most attention.
  • They can also see what has already been resolved, saving security teams from taking repeat steps. 


3. Quickly update dispatch data, as needed 

Security incidents happen quickly. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to run a full dispatch ticket. But dispatch software allows you to update Narrative and Status from the Main screen without going into the dispatch ticket, saving considerable time. 

4. Improve your incident management process

Incident management can be a major challenge for security teams. But dispatch software practically eliminates these challenges. Dispatch software streamlines incident reporting and management in the following ways: 

  • Quickly gather dispatch information. Dispatch management duplicates your incident and incident subtypes in your call types for automatic entry into your incident management. 
  • Create customized dispatch templates. Simply enter your dispatch data and allow it to create your incident with all the details and narrative you have already entered.
  • All in one dispatch updates. Dispatch software makes it easy to make changes or edits to each report. Once you edit your dispatch, it automatically updates your incident. You can also edit your Incident from the Dispatch you created and it will always reference the dispatch. Lastly, you can toggle between the Dispatch and the Incident at all times, keeping all information at your fingertips. 


5. Connect to backup resources automatically

Failing to respond to incidents accordingly is every security guard’s nightmare. So is scrambling to send security guards to high-risk locations. But dispatch software allows you to connect quickly with dispatch. Dispatch software is a valuable tool for short-staffed security teams, too. No matter the size of your team, you can feel confident knowing backup is just a mouse-click away. 

Security teams face a number of challenges in their day-to-day processes and procedures. But thanks to security guard management software, dispatch doesn’t have to be one of them. Learn more about the benefits of security guard management software by requesting a demo today.