Guard tour management can be incredibly tedious. As any security company can tell you, guard tour issues, changes, check-in delays, and scheduling hiccups can happen in an instant. These challenges cause serious problems for security teams and their customers alike. As a result, security companies must be proactive in their approach. But guard tour management challenges can throw off even the most organized security team. 

Even if you can’t always prevent guard tour issues from arising, there is a way to mitigate the negative effects. When used with innovative guard tour management software, a customized mobile app is a convenient, easily-accessible way for security teams of all sizes to manage guard tours from any location. 

4 Ways a Mobile App Solves Guard Tour Management Challenges for Security Teams  

From streamlined incident reporting to improved scheduling, a mobile app can transform the way your security team approaches challenges in their day-to-day operations. To further exemplify the strengths of a mobile app, we’ve outlined the major guard tour challenges facing security teams, and how a mobile app can provide the innovative solutions your team needs. 

  • Challenge #1: A lack of real-time information can slow down guard tour issue response and damage customer expectations.

  • The Security Software Mobile App Solution: How many times has your security team had to scramble for guard tour information, particularly if a tour is scheduled at the last minute? A mobile app can make all those issues disappear. Photos and other images can be easily uploaded at various locations and checkpoints from any approved device. And you can forget about misplacing or losing those images. A mobile app keeps track of all those time stamped photos, which increases security guard accountability and transparency.

    An app can also seamlessly connect offsite security team members, allowing everyone to see the same information at the same time. When information processes are improved between guards, the entire security team can be cohesive in their communication with customers, too. 

  • Challenge #2: Tracking and managing the posts of security guards on tours can be difficult.   

  • The Security Software Mobile App Solution: Because security guards are constantly moving around a venue or event, it can be quite challenging to manage the locations of your security team. But a mobile app is equipped with GPS and geofencing which increases location accuracy and holds guards accountable for their posts. GPS verified guard tour confirmation also doubles the capacity of your security team regardless of the event or venue size. Finally, a mobile app simultaneously allows security guards to see the status of guard tours in progress, while alerting them to any missed locations. 

  • Challenge #3: Antiquated security guard tour check-in processes slow down tours.

  • The Security Software Mobile App Solution: Say goodbye to clunky check-in processes and scheduling confusion. A mobile app provides instant access to schedules straight from the command center. Remote check-in and mobile QR codes provide location accuracy, checklist and post order instruction, and more. 

  • Challenge #4: Paper summary reports can be easily misplaced or lost.

  • The Security Software Mobile App Solution: A mobile app can optimize guard tours like never before. Digital reporting tools eliminate paper reports, and instead automatically upload details to your dashboard. You can also customize your summary reports with denoted fields, spell-check, and easily-upload identification and state-issued ID information for maximum efficiency. Finally, automatic upload to your command center eliminates lost reports with a click of a button.

A mobile app is just one way to improve guard tour management 

But the benefits of a mobile app’s digital reporting capabilities are not limited solely to guard tour organization. The way a mobile app organizes digital reports allows you to utilize these reports in training and onboarding, streamlining future incident reporting processes. This all works together to modernize the way your team manages, schedules, and performs guard tours. Even the ones that are scheduled at the last minute. 

Guard tour issues can arise quickly. But using innovative tools, like a security guard management system mobile app, can help security teams squash issues just as fast. And we can help. CSA360’s security guard management software system is a seamless, easily adaptable way to strengthen your security team. Request a demo to learn more today.