Casinos have incredibly high security needs. Not only do they need to protect major assets and physical equipment, but they also must manage guests’ health and well-being. As a result, casinos require innovative security management software that protects property and guests alike, and keeps security teams accountable, proactive and safe around the clock.

3 Ways to Boost Casino Security Protocols with Security Management Software

The advanced tools and features in casino security management software strengthen surveillance protocols and track every guest that walks through the doors. It also tracks, manages, and records all incident-related details, helping casinos resolve security issues quickly. But these benefits are just the beginning. Ready to take a deeper dive into the benefits of casino security software? 

1. Leverage advanced incident reporting tools 

Casinos have a huge number of assets, property, and guests to manage. That’s why security incidents have such serious impacts. When incidents happen, casinos need all the details possible to create thorough reports and avoid liability. 

The surveillance power and incident reporting capabilities in a casino security management platform enhance reporting abilities like never before.  They also give casino security teams the extra advantage they need to become more proactive and anticipate future risks. Other ways incident reporting tools benefit casinos include:

  • Instantaneous evidence uploads. A mobile app allows casino security guards to upload photos quickly to the software dashboard when incidents occur. This streamlines reporting processes and ensures all assets are tracked appropriately. 
  • Boost existing surveillance capabilities with live dashboards, tracked communication, and templated reporting forms. 
  • State-of-the-art record keeping. Security management software enables teams to create detailed and customizable summary, reconciliation, and incident reports to review daily, weekly, and monthly data. Cloud storage means records are safe and accessible at all times. 

2. Achieve instantaneous incident resolution with dispatch software 

Dispatch software provides a wealth of benefits for casinos. It doubles casino security capabilities without adding more guards. It also allows casino operators to have more control over issue resolution regardless of location. Other ways dispatch software improves casino security responses include: 

  • Color-coded issue alerts. Color-coded tools within dispatch software save considerable time for casino security teams. This software highlights the issues that need the most attention and which incidents have already been resolved.
  • Connection to outside assistance. Casino security situations can be chaotic. This can result in miscommunication between security guards. But dispatch software eliminates these issues by providing an instantaneous connection to outside assistance while simultaneously sending security guards where they are needed in the casino. This gets help where it is needed fast, lowering property damage risks and liability.  
  • Security guard performance insights. When the dispatch is complete, the software totals the time between “Report” to “All Clear.” This information measures how quickly your security team responded, and what steps were taken to mitigate issues.

3. Modernize your visitor management processes 

Visitor management software changes the way casinos manage their guests. The advanced capabilities of a visitor management system ensure all guests are identified as soon as they walk through the doors. Visitor management software also offers a number of other benefits for casino security guards:

    • Dynamic live dashboards. Live dashboards provide 24/7 surveillance from multiple spots in the casino, regardless of casino security team size or location. 
    • State-of-the-art check-in tools. Kiosks, facial recognition, and smart tools fortify guest identification protocols, ensure laws are being followed, and keep a record of every casino guest. 
    • Reduces security guard staffing gap risks. Security guard staffing gaps can be a huge challenge for casinos. But visitor management software can help reduce these challenges. Pre-registration eliminates the need for a physical security guard at entrances, while live dashboards and GPS tracking substantially increase the capacity of a single security guard.